Picture post

Hey guys! Today I have an awesome picture post that I’ve been working on this afternoon. Hope you enjoy!!!   Hope you enjoyed!   XOXO   Adam

Artists block

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been completely lost on what to blog about.   I’ve been pushing myself for blog ideas, and when I finally get an idea, it feels like it’s this huge struggle to get a post down.   So, a couple days ago I asked Reddit how to fix this ‘blogging block.’ … More Artists block

What you need to add to your Pinterest strategy.

Pinterest is an incredibly powerful social media platform: Since launching in 2012, Pinterest has achieved all of the above and more. It surpassed 10 million users, faster than any other stand-alone site in history. It outstripped the traffic of Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, and it is now capable of driving more referral traffic than … More What you need to add to your Pinterest strategy.